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Antenna Adapter

This mounting adapter allows for a antenna with a 10mm diameter mounting to be fitted to any Clark Mast with the standard 24mm top socket.

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Antenna Adapters

We have a wide range of antenna adapters, please see our pdf data sheet by clicking on the View Details below to view

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Antenna Rotator

Antenna rotator operated from gound level to rotate antenna position on a non turning mast.

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Antenna Side Mounting Arm

A removable mounting to provide additional mount positions lower than the mast top, this clamps onto a lower mast section and can accomodate an additional antenna or equipment.

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Antenna Tilter

A rope operated unit to allow the antenna to be tilted from ground level. It can be fitted to most masts with a 24mm top socket, the tilter can be used in conjunction with a rope operated antenna turning unit to provide a means of tilt and turn, operated from ground level.

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End Fed Antenna Adapter

For masts with 24mm top socket, for end fed dipole antenna up to 38.1mm diameter

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Halyard Adapter

This adapter is used when a wire line antenna is required to be raised using a halyard rope.

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T Bar Twin Antenna Adapter

This T Bar twin antenna adapter with 100mm risers allows 2 antennae to be mounted 1m apart on the same mast.

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Tubular Antenna Adapter

A universal adapter to allow mounting of equipment to a mast with a 24mm top socket using U bolt type clamps. 

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Universal Antenna Mounting Large

A universal antenna mounting bracket with a 24mm spigot designed to fit all masts fitted with a 24mm top socket.

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