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Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

About Sectional Masts

Why choose a sectional mast? What are the differences over a telescopic mast? 

Sectional masts are fully portable mast systems, capable of being transported to wherever there is a requirement, mountain top, jungle or remote desert loactions. Packed in a series of carry bags, each designed to be carried by one person (two people for the leg bag), they can be air lifted in or driven in an off road vehicle.

Type 73 Kit Packed

Designed to be operated in many types of ground conditions, slopes up to 24 degrees are possible, sectional masts are manually operated requiring no power source as the mast sections are fed up through a guide box on 3 adjustable legs using a geared hoist. Guying is essential and the mast operates a system of guys keeping the mast guyed and safe at all times during erection and retraction. This system uses a winch controller system which allows one person to control all 3 guys at once.

Guy winch Controller Leg Mounted

Technical Data

  • Portability-all man portable parts
  • Safe operation in windy conditions
  • Copes with varied ground conditions

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