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Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts For Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Roof Robot

Roof Robot masts have a folding mechanism which allows these masts to be mounted to the vehicle roof so there is no intrusion into the vehicle bodywork. Once vertical, the mast extends in the normal way using the built in compressor or air pressure regulator unit.

Available in a range of height extensions, 2.0m, 2.5m or 3.0m (or higher) and in either 12v or 24v supply. Roof Robot masts can be fitted with 2 to 6 lamps in a wide variety of models, LED, Halogen, Xenophot, Metal Halide or HP Sodium. A beacon can also be fitted to the mast as an option if required. The mast is controlled using a remote control handset attached via a long coiled cable or optional wireless radio remote control. 

RRTM ES with Flexilux Robot Head

Roof Robot masts are available in 2 versions, the EL Series which uses the TF300 range of masts or the ES Series which uses the larger diameter TF400 range of masts for larger head load capacity.

ES Models can also be fitted with an internal video cable for the mounting of a cctv camera to the mast head. 


A wide range of lamp types are available, please view or download the data sheets for details.

Heavy Duty Robot Head

A larger version of the standard Robot Head which can take up to 6 lamps

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Independent Tilting Robot Head

An uprated version of the standard Robot head with each side able to be rotated independently of the other for greater light coverage. 

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LED Flood Lamps

High powered LED flood lamps available in wide flood or narrow flood beam pattern. Input voltage is 10v DC to 36v DC, output is 7000 lumens. Made in the United Kingdom and specifically designed for use with telescopic mast systems but can also be used as high powered work lamps. Low current draw is an advantage over filament bulbs as is the white light and increased life. A 5 year warranty against LED failure is offered. These are made from black anodised aluminium and feature an adjustable pivot screw to allow the lamp to be angled at a convenient position.

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Super Power 150W LED Lamp

An extremely powerful, high output low voltage LED lamp giving 15,000 lumens of clean white light. Housed in a robust die cast aluminum housing , fitted with a polycarbonate lens and supplied with a stainless steel mounting bracket. 

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Technical Data

  • Extended heights up to 3m or higher
  • Compact version also available
  • Auto stow on release of handbrake
  • CAN Bus option available
  • Wide Range of Lamp Options

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