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Headloads up to 500kg

TM Series

The NEW Clark Masts TM Series range of super heavy duty pneumatic telescopic masts have a base tube diameter of 9 inches and a maximum of nine telescopic sections. TM masts offer a very wide range of models and headload ranges up to 500kg and extended heights from 2m to 34m. The ultimate telescoping Clark Mast.  TM Series are an ideal solution where a high degree of stability is required.

Each telescoping mast section is keyed to prevent relative rotation to the next tube allowing the complete mast to be rotated from the ground with ease if directional headloads are being deployed. TM masts can be fitted with locking collars depending on the type of application and with rotating or non rotating bases.

Bearing surfaces are fitted with nylon and PTFE to guarantee smooth and effortless extension and retraction in the most demanding climatic conditions. All TM masts are qualified to MIL STD 810F. As each section is extended, an automatic collet locking system provides complete rigidity when the mast is fully extended. Double Supertork is fitted as standard giving torsional stability of +/- 1.5 degrees. For enhanced torsional stability, our bespoke Triple Supertork System gives down to 0.1 degrees of stability, dependant upon mast model/size.

TM masts can be fitted to vehicles, shelters,field mounted, roof trolley mounted or trailer mounted on our 804 Series trailers

TM Mast with hex. clamp collars

TM Series masts are supplied with special heavy duty clamping (locking) collars which are a separate part to the mast so can be added as a retrofit item. They are supplied as standard with large T handles or are also available with hexagonal fittings as shown in the picture above.


Accessories can be painted to match the mast

Model 185 Powerpack

Model 185 Powerpacks are suitable for larger masts from WT to TM. Powered either by vehicle electrics 12 or 24v DC or by mains power 110 or 230v AC and operated by a remote control lead 2.5m long. A built in pressure switch cuts out when the mast reaches its preset level and cuts in only when required to top up the pressure thereby saving battery power. Supplied with power connection plug.

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Remote Control

Remote Control for use with Powerpacks

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TM Lower Mounting Bracket - 45746

A strong welded steel lower support bracket for the base of the mast

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TM Roof Bearing - 45787

The roof bearing provides a weather proof seal and upper support for the mast when mounted through the roof of a vehicle or shelter.

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TM Saddle Clamp - 45070

An aluminium quick release saddle clamp for mounting of TM 9" Series masts

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TM Upper Mounting Bracket - 45745

A strong welded upper mast mounting bracket for the TM Series

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TM Wheel Handle - 45256

For turning manually turnable masts with minimum effort

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Technical Data

  • MIL STD 810F
  • Headloads up to 500kg
  • Super Heavy Duty

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