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PU Series Mast

Manually extended telescopic mast for field or vehicle mounting. The PU or Push Up mast is a lightweight tactical telescopic communications mast which is man portable for rapid field use and can also be vehicle mounted. Unlike our other telescopic masts the PU mast does not use air to extend, it is manually extended with a unique cross pin providing the section locking.

The PU Mast is made from lightweight, high strength, anodised aluminium tube. The standard kit consists of 8 tube sections with a range of heights from 5m to 11.7m. The PU mast is rapidly set up using a set of lower field guys (in red) and extended manually section by section, locking each section with a cross pin, until the desired extended height is reached. The pins are kept in a handy collar on the mast itself for easy use.

PU Showing Cross Pin holder and lower guys before extension.

The mast top fitting is our standard 24mm diameter socket with quick clamp fitting. To retract the mast the pins are unlocked and taken out a section at a time, sections lower gently with "air cushion" effect for safety. The standard set up time for a PU mast with 2 people is 10 minutes including picket driving and antenna fitment. 

If the mast requires insulation from ground, an optional rubber cup can be fitted into the base. The antenna can be rotated using the antenna rotator Cat No 6508.


Accessories are supplied painted to match the mast. NATO green.

Antenna Rotator

Antenna rotator operated from gound level to rotate antenna position on a non turning mast.

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End Fed Antenna Adapter - 1374

For masts with 24mm top socket, for end fed dipole antenna up to 38.1mm diameter

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Saddle Clamp 3" - 2433

The 3" saddle clamp is used for temporary or short term mounting of the mast onto a vertical surface. It provides a secure mounting for the mast which can be quickly opened to remove the mast, they are normally used in pairs and other mounting brackets are not required. 

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Tubular Antenna Adapter

A universal adapter to allow mounting of equipment to a mast with a 24mm top socket using U bolt type clamps. 

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Universal Antenna Mounting Large - 8999

A universal antenna mounting bracket with a 24mm spigot designed to fit all masts fitted with a 24mm top socket.

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Technical Data

  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Rapid deployment
  • Field or vehicle mounted
  • NATO Codified Version

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