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Ideal for CCTV 

AX Series

AX Series telescopic masts are designed for use in vehicles with video camera systems, either conventional or thermal imaging. Often they are used in emergency services command vehicles, security vehicles, police crowd control, traffic monitoring or enforcement vehicles. They are made from 4.5" diameter 3.25mm wall high strength aircraft grade aluminium alloy tube.

The unique construction of the AX mast range features integral collars which retract within the mast for a low profile masthead when installed in the vehicle. Two different types of internal cable are available, a 12 core for conventional cctv applications in conjunction with a balun or a bespoke 11 core video cable for thermal imaging cameras or when the data has to be transmitted via satellite or used as evidence.


AX Series use the same accessories at the PT Series

Model 40 Powerpack

Model 40 Powerpacks are suitable for masts from ST to YT. Powered by vehicle electrics either 12 or 24v DC normally operated using a remote control lead 2.5m long. A built in pressure switch cuts out when the mast reaches its preset level and cuts in only when required to top up the pressure thereby saving battery power. Supplied with power connection plug.

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Model 40E Powerpack

Model 40E Powerpacks are similar to the Model 40 and are suitable for masts from ST to YT Series but are operated by a switch directly on the facia of the unit and cannot be used with a remote control lead. Powered by vehicle electrics they have a built in pressure switch which cuts out when the preset level is reached and cut in only when required to top up air pressure thereby saving battery power.

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PT Lower Mounting Bracket - 14050

PT Series Lower Mounting Bracket

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PT Roof Bearing - 14048

The PT Roof Bearing provides a rotatable weatherproof bearing where the mast passes through the vehicle roof and is used to support internally mounted masts whether turnable or non turning.

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PT Series Saddle Clamp - 1303

Quick Release Saddle Clamp for temporary mast mounting

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PT Upper Mounting Bracket - 14049

PT Series Upper Mounting bracket for mounting the mast on a vertical surafce.

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Remote Control

Remote Control for use with Powerpacks

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Technical Data

  • Extended heights 2.35m to 6.00m
  • Built in extension warning switch
  • Internal cable for video

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