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Military Telescopic Masts Communication Systems

Military Masts approved to MIL STD 810F

Military Masts approved to MIL STD 810F

FT RM Series

A field mast system with integral field legs, lighweight and portable, based on the popular QT Series of masts but supplied in miltary paint finishes with matching anodised mast sections with kit bags.

Note This lightweight mast system is not approved to MIL STD 810F

Shown here in kit form

FT Mast Kit


Accessories can be painted to match the mast in military colours.

Height Extender 1m - 6974

An additional section which can add 1m extra height to most masts with a standard 24mm top socket, fitted with a guy collar.

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Tubular Antenna Adapter

A universal adapter to allow mounting of equipment to a mast with a 24mm top socket using U bolt type clamps. 

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Universal Antenna Mounting Large - 8999

A universal antenna mounting bracket with a 24mm spigot designed to fit all masts fitted with a 24mm top socket.

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Technical Data

  • Lightweight 
  • Portable
  • Kit Bags Available

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