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Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional masts work in a different way to telescopic masts in that each tube section is of the same diameter and fits into the next section, a secure guying system is essential for a sectional mast and Clark Masts have a range of specially developed guy winch control systems enabling large masts to be erected in the field by only a small number of people.

Sectional masts have the advantage that they are designed to be fully man portable and can be carried to where they are needed in most off road or armoured vehicles and due to their compact size when packed in individual bags, can also be transported by helicopter, aircraft or boat.

Sectional masts can be erected to any desired height up to the maximum for that model (20m for Type 72, 30m for Type 73 and Series 80 and up to 50m for Series 90). Each section is hoisted via a geared hoist using a guide box supported on field legs, larger headloads can be attached using a crane attachment.

With sufficient guys the field legs can be removed and the mast left in situ for extended periods, this enables several masts to be erected using a single set of field legs.

About Sectional Masts

Type 73

Why choose a sectional mast? What are the differences over a telescopic mast? 

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Series 80 Sectional Mast

Series 80

Sectional Mast System capable of lifting larger headloads than Type 73, height options from 8m to 30m with headloads of up to 150kg  It is based on long established Type 73 using 3 legged erection gear and with 5" diameter tube sections.

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Series 90 Sectional Mast

Series 90

This 6" diameter sectional mast can lift loads of 300kg to 10m and 100kg to 40m with great stability and safety.Using a 4 legged erection gear and centrally controlled guying system at 90 degrees. A special version of the Series 90 can be supplied to extend to a height of 50 metres. 

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Type 72 Sectional Mast

Type 72 Mast Kit

The Type 72 is the smallest of the sectional masts and lifts headloads of up to 55kgs at 8 metres in height and is fully rotatable. The universal 3 inch mast sections are made from seamless drawn aircraft grade 10 swg (3.25mm) aluminium tube.

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Type 73 Sectional Mast

Type 73 mast

Type 73 masts have served military forces around the world since the 1970's and set the standard for a modular mast system up to 30 metres in height, lifting headloads of up to 90kgs at 8 metres. The mast sections have an outside diameter of 4 inches and are raised one at a time through the leg mounted mast guide box using the failsafe hoist and cross pin, giving the operator complete peace of mind. Tensioning of guys is controlled by the guy controllers keeping the mast vertical and under tension at all times.

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