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Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Series 90 Sectional Mast

This 6" diameter sectional mast can lift loads of 300kg to 10m and 100kg to 40m with great stability and safety.Using a 4 legged erection gear and centrally controlled guying system at 90 degrees. A special version of the Series 90 can be supplied to extend to a height of 50 metres. 

A unique feature of this type of mast is that several masts can be erected using a single set of field legs, tube hoist and winch controllers. The picture below shows a 50m Series 90 mast erected using this method. Extra sets of guys are used to replace the field legs. This significantly reduces the cost when ordering multiple masts.

Series 90 mast at 50m


Accessories are painted to match the mast where applicable.

Guy Winch Controller Series 90

The guy winch controller for Series 90 masts has 4 spools and allows a single operator to safely control 4 way guying. 

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Series 90 Picket

Tubular steel picket for Series 90 Sectional Field Mast

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Technical Data

  • Headloads up to 300kg
  • Heights up to 40m
  • 6" Diameter Tube Sections

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