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Sectional Masts

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Lightweight and portable


Clark Masts are ideal for use as masts for ground based aerial photography. They can be lightweight portable systems up to 15 metres extended height such as the QT Series. Or for greater height use the the PT and WT Series masts, which when vehicle mounted using a Clark Masts Roof Trolley System, can be used to give heights up to 21m and 26m respectively. The picture below shows a 26m high WT Series mast.

A lightweight portable QT Series mast system is ideal for property photography and is easily positioned where it is required.

Photo taken using 12m QT Mast

This picture was taken using a 12 metre QT mast and tripod.

An SLR camera fitted to a Hague remote control pan and tilt head on a QT mast using the Clark camera mounting spigot # 29442

Camera on mast

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