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Cable Guide

Moulded rubber cable guide which is fitted to the mast collar to guide external cable during mast operation and to reduce the effect of wind on the cable.

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Coiled Cable Guide

A metal cable guide which can accept the cable via the split ring allowing insertion and removal of the cable when using a detachable headload.

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Feeder Cable Strap

Fastens around mast tube sections with location lug to control antenna cabling.

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Nycoil Assembly

A Nycoil cable assembly can be used in conjunction with a spreader bar fitted to the mast head to guide, protect and manage cables for video cameras, antenna or other equipment fitted to the mast. Cables which are unable to be internally fitted such as coaxial can be routed externally in a strong, flexible protective nylon nycoil tube. When retracted the nycoil assembly sits coiled on the vehicle roof extending when the mast is operated.

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Nycoil Basket

A basket assembly which fits around the mast to retain the Nycoil assembly when the mast is retracted, made to suit mast diameter.

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A simple cable clamp system which attaches to the mast collar to retain external cables

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Spreader Bar Assembly

A spreader bar assembly to hold the nycoil tubing at the mast head complete with 24mm quick clamp fitting for antenna.

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