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Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Type 72 Sectional Mast

The Type 72 is the smallest of the Clark Masts sectional masts and lift headloads of up to 55kgs at 8 metres in height and is fully rotatable. The universal 3 inch mast sections are made from seamless drawn aircraft grade 10 swg (3.25mm) aluminium tube.

The mast is able to be set up safely in high winds using the guy winch controllers which tension the guys as the mast extends and retracts and also enable separate tensioning of each steel guy rope. 

Sectional masts such as the Type 72 are specially designed to be man portable, enabling them to be transported to the required location, be it mountain top or dense jungle, by any available means including 4x4 vehicles or helicopters. Each item has its own carry bag and the mast sections are carried in special carriers according to the number of sections required. The sectional mast can be erected to its desired height using the interlocking tubular mast sections.  


Accessories are painted to match the mast where applicable.

24" Picket - 2484

Heavy duty angled steel ground picket for anchorage of guy ropes with attachment points for multiple guy ropes.

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Feeder Cable Strap - 5809

Fastens around mast tube sections with location lug to control antenna cabling.

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Guy Winch Controller 3 Way

A purpose made guy winch controller allows 3 guy wire ropes to be controlled from one position and kept in tension.

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Picket Extractor - 18033

A special tool developed to easily remove tubular steel pickets from the ground after use with minimum effort. 

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Picket Location Line

A radius line to allow quick and accurate distance measurement for placing of ground pickets

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Tubular Picket - 18037

Tubular zinc sprayed steel picket for guying masts, particularly effective in sandy ground conditions.

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Technical Data

  • 3" Tube section diameter
  • Headloads up to 55kg
  • Heights up to 20m
  • Helicopter transportable

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