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YT Roof Trolley

The YT Series Roof Trolley System is designed to transport a YT (5") Series mast and allow it to be erected where required. Roof trolleys allow very tall masts which would otherwise be impossible to be transported on a normal road vehicle, to be used easily and quickly by a single operator.

Best suited to vehicles with a near vertical rear profile, the roof trolley requires to be fixed to a heavy duty roof rack of suitable capacity. A levelling beam with jack legs is also recommended.

Once vertical the mast can be attached to the air supply and extended to the desired height. 

Clark Masts can offer advice on suitable vehicles and types of heavy duty roof rack. Professional installation is recommended. Whilst we do not supply a fitting service we can recommend installers to carry out the work for you in your area. Please ask our sales team for more information.


Model 40 Powerpack

Model 40 Powerpacks are suitable for masts from ST to YT. Powered by vehicle electrics either 12 or 24v DC normally operated using a remote control lead 2.5m long. A built in pressure switch cuts out when the mast reaches its preset level and cuts in only when required to top up the pressure thereby saving battery power. Supplied with power connection plug.

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Model 40E Powerpack

Model 40E Powerpacks are similar to the Model 40 and are suitable for masts from ST to YT Series but are operated by a switch directly on the facia of the unit and cannot be used with a remote control lead. Powered by vehicle electrics they have a built in pressure switch which cuts out when the preset level is reached and cut in only when required to top up air pressure thereby saving battery power.

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Technical Data

  • Heights up to 21m

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