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Choosing the correct mast for your application isn't simple, here we have listed some of the more popular choices of product for certain sectors. Please contact the sales office at the factory for further advice.


Airfield Crash Tender

Lighting mast systems for airfield crash tenders and area lighting

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Amateur Radio

PT mast system fitted to house

Amateur Radio telescopic masts 

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Masts for communications and cctv on major incident response vehicles.

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Anti UAV (Drone)

We can supply a range of highly portable and stable mast systems from our Quadpod and Quadmast ranges to be used in conjunction with anti drone systems.

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Bird Deterrent

QT mast with robotic bird of prey

Our masts can be used on buildings to prevent seagulls and pigeons from fouling roofs and windows by having a robotic bird of prey fitted to them.

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Border Control

Telescopic masts can be used for perimeter protection, cctv camera mounting and can be fitted to vehicles, buildings or used as stand alone units wherever the needs requires. Masts can be lowered during daylight and only extended during darkness. 

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Masts for broadcast vehicles

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PT5 mast fitted to Police cctv vehicle

Masts for cctv applications

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Command and Control

PT Series cctv mast

Masts for command and control vehicles for communications, cctv and flood lighting.

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YT100-6-NC 10m Height

Telescopic Masts are ideal mounts for environmental monitoring equipment, providing a means of having equipment working at the correct height. Retractable telescopic masts allow for servicing equipment at a convenient height, the keyed mast sections prevent unwanted rotational movement in high winds.

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A wide range of masts for flood lighting on all types of emergency service vehicles from small pick up trucks to airport crash tenders.

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Floodlighting systems for vehicles working at night on the highways

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SQT9-6/HP Mast on Stn Steel Tripod

Masts for meteorological requirements

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Military telescopic masts are Clark Masts speciality having provided telescopic masts for communications, optics, guidance systems and many other purposes over the years. Many thousands of Clark Masts are in use all around the world in all types of climate and surroundings from desert sands to Arctic blizzards. Approved to MIL Std 810F, you can rely on Clark Masts.

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Mobile/Cell Phone Masts

Trailer mast system

Telescopic mast systems are used for mobile COW (Cell on Wheels) units, which can be rapidly erected as a temporary or event based mast solutions for mobile phone networks.

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XT Series masts on race trailers for telemetry

A wide range of masts to cover all motorsport requirements, telemetry, broadcast and cctv

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Clark Masts are ideal for use as masts for ground based aerial photography. They can be lightweight portable systems up to 15 metres extended height such as the QT Series. Or for greater height use the the PT and WT Series masts, which when vehicle mounted using a Clark Masts Roof Trolley System, can be used to give heights up to 21m and 26m respectively. The picture below shows a 26m high WT Series mast.

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PT Mast for cctv camera system

Masts for Police vehicles, cctv for crowd control, lighting masts for forensic sites as well a vehicle lighting masts for collision and accident investigation.

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Rapid Response


Masts for lighting for rapid response vehicles.

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Recovery Service

Flood lighting masts for recovery vehicles

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Masts for emergency communications vehicles, scene lighting, incident flood lighting

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Sports Court Lighting

Tennis Courts Lit by Telescopic Flood Lighting Masts

Telescopic floodlighting systems for flood lighting of sports courts which can be retracted when not in use.

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QT Mast with Mk 6 Tripod

Clark Masts QT Range of lightweight telescopic masts are ideally suited for mobile survey work. Folding tripod stands and compact mast retracted lengths mean you are able to transport tall masts up to 12m in most cars and up to 15m if carried on the roof. Access to the sides and rear of properties is also made easier due to the compact size. The mast and tripod is put up in minutes, a camera can be quickly fitted to the mast top fittiing thus avoiding the use of bulky and dangerous ladders. 

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TF232T3 Mast with 2 x LED Flood Lamps

Telescopic flood lighting masts for tanker vehicles at work at night, reducing risk and providing a better illuminated working area by having a high level flood lighting system built into the vehicle, self contained requiring no external power source. Always on site and in operation within seconds of arrival.

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TF 100 Lighting Mast Tripod Mounted

A range of masts for all USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) requirements, portable scene lighting, portable communications masts,  

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Wild Fire

TF228T with 2 x LED lamps

Masts for off road wild fire fighting vehicles. 

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