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Will-Burt Acquires Clark Masts Systems, Limited of England

Amateur Radio

Clark Masts are ideal for amateur and professional radio use as antenna masts. Lightweight portable mast systems such as the QT Series allow for masts to be vehicle mounted, wall mounted either permanently or detachable or free standing with our tripod stands. Antenna can be attached and removed quickly using the 24mm Quick Clamp system which is standard on most masts.

ST and NT Series masts offer larger headload capacity and have a keyway machined full length in the high strength 3.25mm wall aluminium tube. These are often mounted on our sturdy tripod stands. 

Permanent mast systems mounted to walls can be supplied such as the PT Series mast illustrated below, these can be extended using mains air compressors via a remote control or a hand pump.

PT mast system fitted to house

An NT-60-4-NC mast shown mounted on a Mk 4 Tripod

NT60-4-NC on Mk4 Tripod painted NATO green

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