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Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts For Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

Lighting Masts for Fire Vehicles

TF 100H

Portable lighting masts which are manually extended but still with air cushioned retraction. The mast, tripod and lamp assembles are supplied in separate parts for easy transport and quickly fitted together where required. The mast is turnable and can be guyed for use in windy conditions if required. A mast kit can be easy carried in the boot of a car or on an equipment tray in an emergency vehicle.

Shown above in retracted state prior to extension.


Mark 4 Tripod Stand - 9427

Stable and robust, tripod stand for field mounting of QT,ST and NT Series masts up to 15m.

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Mark 6 Tripod Stand

The Mark 6 folding tripod is made from stainless steel and supplied in a natural finish (silver). Very compact when folded up and much lighter than the Mark 4 version. A range of sizes are avaiable for masts up to 15m extended height. It is suitable for QT, ST and NT masts. 

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Technical Data

  • Range of Lamps
  • Detachable Lamp Assembly
  • Lightweight

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