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Trailer Mast Systems

Trailer Mast Systems

802 Series Trailer Mast systems

802 Series Trailer mast systems use WT Series masts and are self contained, fully equipped mobile mast systems. They do not require any additional equipment other than a towing vehicle which can be a suitable car or van. Fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball and all the necessary road legal lighting, a braked axle,  trailer masts can be rapidly deployed where required.

The trailer mast has its own air compressor driven by a petrol engine, integral fold out adjustable stabilising legs and all the necessary guying equipment is carried on board including if required a guy winch controller for taller mast heights. Once on site the trailer is detached from the towing vehicle and levelled using the fold out stabilising legs, the mast is raised to the vertical by a manual hydraulic pump, the guys are attached and headload fitted. The mast is extended by the on board petrol powered compressor.

The trailers can be painted in any RAL colour.


Cable Guide - 14259

Moulded rubber cable guide which is fitted to the mast collar to guide external cable during mast operation and to reduce the effect of wind on the cable.

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Composite Foot Pad - 60295

A composite plastic material pad to allow legs on trailers to be used on hard surfaces.

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Compressor Cover

Heavy duty nylon canvas cover for trailer masts compressor unit

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Equipment Box

Aluminium lockable storage box with hinged lid and lockable catches.

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Guy Winch Cover - 13363

A heavy duty nylon canvas cover to protect the guy winch controller and guy ropes when not in use.

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Guy Winch Unit - 28171

A guy winch controller for trailer masts.

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Trailer Mast Head Cover

A heavy duty nylon canvas head cover for masts fitted to trailer mast systems.

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Technical Data

  • WT Series masts up to 30m
  • UK IVA Type Approval available
  • Rugged zinc sprayed steel frame & painted in RAL colour
  • Braked axle, auto reverse over run and parking brakes
  • LED Lamps
  • Adjustable Height Drawbar
  • Semi Offroad version available 16" wheels

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