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Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Sectional Masts

Type 73 Sectional Mast

Type 73 masts have served military forces around the world since the 1970's and set the standard for a modular mast system up to 30 metres in height, lifting headloads of up to 90kgs at 8 metres. The mast sections have an outside diameter of 4 inches and are raised one at a time through the leg mounted mast guide box using the failsafe hoist and cross pin, giving the operator complete peace of mind. Tensioning of guys is controlled by the guy controllers keeping the mast vertical and under tension at all times.

Shown below the first stage before mast tube sections are being lifted.

Shown below a typical kit for a 16m Type 73 Sectional mast


Accessories are painted to match trhe mast where applicable.

Antenna Tilt Unit

A rope operated antenna tilt unit for Type 73 Sectional Masts capable of tilting 20 degrees forward and 20 degrees backwards. It can also be used in conjunction with the rotator unit.

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Anti Twist Kit

An additional set of equipment fitted to the mast head to provide extra torsional stability on a sectional mast system, comprising of a set of radius arms, guy ropes and steel pickets.

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Crane Kit Type 73 - 18030

A crane kit which attaches to the Type 73 field leg base and can be used to lift heavier antenna headloads into position to be attached to the main mast.

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Feeder Cable Strap - 5809

Fastens around mast tube sections with location lug to control antenna cabling.

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Guy Winch Controller 3 Way

A purpose made guy winch controller allows 3 guy wire ropes to be controlled from one position and kept in tension.

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Picket Extractor - 18033

A special tool developed to easily remove tubular steel pickets from the ground after use with minimum effort. 

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Picket Location Line

A radius line to allow quick and accurate distance measurement for placing of ground pickets

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Technical Data

  • MIL STD 810C Qualified
  • Headloads up to 90kg
  • Heights up to 30m
  • Specialist Guy Winch Controller

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