Clark Masts

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The first Clark Masts

History of Clark Masts

Founded in 1954 by Mr Alec Clark, Clark Masts Systems has been making telescopic mast systems since the late 1950's. Initially based in south west London the company was relocated to Binstead on the Isle of Wight in 1962 where it remains to this day. The company started life as an engineering company and engineering remains a core part of the day to day operations, as the majority of all components are made in house to control quality and ensure long product life. We still operate our own foundry. Product design is carried out in house by experienced engineers using the latest 3D CAD software. 

The first customer was the Independent Television Authority who required a means of extending an antenna on a vehicle to measure the strength of the television signal around the country. From this the Clark Telescopic Mast range was born. The advantages of a mobile mast system was soon taken up by military forces for communications antenna and by all branches of the emergency services.

Modern requirements are for ever larger head load capacity and increased stability which we can offer.

Over the years many thousand's of masts have been made and are in use in all parts of the world in all climate zones from Arctic to desert.