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A purpose made guy winch controller allows 3 guy wire ropes to be controlled from one position and kept in tension.

Using the guy winch controller for 3 way guying, the mast is kept under control when being erected even in windy conditions and when lowering, the mast is still kept in full control of the winch operator. A separate winch is required for each level of guying at 10m height intervals.

Leg mounted guy winch controller Type 73 & Series 80

On Type 73 Masts the guy winch controller can be leg mounted as shown.

A pulley block allows the stainless steel guy rope to be attached to the ground picket. Shown here attached to a tubular steel picket.

Pulley block Type 73 and tubular picket

This system can also be used on telescopic field masts from YT upwards when enhanced control is required during erection and retraction.

Technical Data

  • One person control of 3 guy ropes
  • Stainless steel guy ropes

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