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QTM Telescopic Mast Range

Photo: QTM MastA very simple system of masts which has been in continuous production since 1959, QT masts have found their applications in every corner of the world.

Why are they so popular?
The answer lies in the concept. Pneumatically extended, telescopic, aluminium alloy, makes the principle simple, as our competitors have found. Being complete with attached hand pump, they are a complete system in themselves. What turns simplicity into sophistication are the details, included on every mast.

Clamping collars which make erection permanent at any height, up to the maximum of the mast, independent of air pressure. Guy collars are already fixed at the most appropriate height. A 24 mm clamp collar that really clamps the spigot of the headload and releases instantly when required, every time, year after year. Also to be mentioned is the wide range of standard accessories which makes this mast series truly universal.

Normally the QT mast is not intended for applications where the headload must be turned by rotating the whole mast. For such applications the H, P or PX series should be used.

QT Masts are silent, smooth and easy to operate in every application.

  1. Aluminium alloy sections
  2. Handpump
  3. M8 Mounting studs
  4. Water-drain plug
  5. Easily recognised pump handle
  6. Air-release screw for smooth retraction
  7. Section-clamping screws for permanent extension
  8. Top guy collar
  9. High efficiency quickclamp for headload
  10. Serial No. for traceability


MK IV Tripod - Cat. No. 9427
This foldable tripod stand offers the easiest method of mounting any QT mast on open ground.

  • Ground area required: 2.6 metres diameter
  • Weight approx.: 26 kg
  • Single screw mast fixing
  • Standard colour: Yellow

MK V Tripod - Cat. No. 25164
This is a more compact version of the above. Suitable for mounting masts up to 6 metres high.

  • Ground area required: 1.8 metres diameter
  • Weight approx.: 20 kg
  • Single screw mast fixing
  • Standard colour: Yellow

Image: Terylene Guy AssembliesTerylene Guy Assemblies
The pre-wound, ready to use terylene guy assemblies make it very easy to safely guy a mast. Every guy consists of two quick-release snap hooks, guy tensioner and a storage spool. Tensions at ground level with the minimum of effort.

Cat. No. Length Suitable for masts
6731 13.4 metres from 4 to 8 metres
6728 15.7 metres up to 10 metres
6110 18.2 metres up to 12 metres
7134 24.3 metres up to 15 metres

Image: Spiral Picket - Cat. No. 16166Spiral Picket - Cat. No. 16166
Galvanised steel picket
51 cm long.

Image: Canvas Cover - Cat. No. 2936Canvas Cover - Cat. No. 2936
Protects the top collar of a retracted mast.

Special Models
In addition to the models shown in the range table, many QT masts have been supplied modified for special use. We have a wide range of mounting brackets whose availability depends on demand.

QTM Mast Standard Components

Mast Model QT 4/HP S QT 4/HP QT 6/HP BS QT 6/HP
Catalogue No. 8285 9504 8286 9459
Extended height (m) 4.26 4.00 6.11 6.13
Retracted height (m) 1.12 1.00 1.49 1.89
Bottom section diameter mm (inches) 63.5 (2 ½") 76.2 (3") 63.5 (2 ½") 63.5 (2 ½")
No. of sections 6 7 6 4
Max. headload recommended (kg) 4.5 6 4.5 10
Weight of mast (kg) 6.3 7.5 8.2 7.3
Finish Yellow paint Yellow paint Yellow paint Yellow paint

Mast Model BS QT 6/HP CS QT 6/HP QT 9/HP S QT 9/HP
Catalogue No. 9486 10865 8287 9451
Extended height (m) 5.88 5.98 9.02 8.70
Retracted height (m) 1.19 1.89 1.96 1.96
Bottom section diameter mm (inches) 76.2 (3") 76.2 (3") 63.5 (2 ½") 76.2 (3")
No. of sections 8 4 6 6
Max. headload recommended (kg) 4.5 20 4.5 10
Weight of mast (kg) 9.0 10.0 10.5 12.2
Finish Yellow paint Anodised natural Yellow paint Yellow paint

Mast Model S QT 10/HP QT 12/HP S QT 15/HP
Catalogue No. 17921 8388 9479
Extended height (m) 10.00 11.40 15.00
Retracted height (m) 2.18 2.02 2.80
Bottom section diameter mm (inches) 76.2 (3") 76.2 (3") 76.2 (3")
No. of sections 6 8 7
Max. headload recommended (kg) 10 2.5 2.5
Weight of mast (kg) 13.0 13.2 18.0
Finish Anodised natural Yellow paint Yellow paint

Note: All figures subject to confirmation at time of order.

Typical applications

Image: Meterological StationMeteorological Station
Easy check or maintenance of instruments.

Image: Mobile Police CommunicationsMobile Police Communications
Make links with cars or foot patrols using QT mast.

Image: Atmospheric Pollution ControlAtmospheric Pollution Control
Equipped with a sampling device, the mast is set downwind of the suspect source.

Image: Sound Monitoring StationSound Monitoring Station
Replaces perception of undesirable sound with actual measurements.