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Type PU Telescopic Mast

Photo: Type PU Telescopic MastSmall manually extended telescopic mast for field or vehicle mounting. The PU Telescopic Mast was first produced in 1972 for a military customer, with a very simple concept as basis. It was realised that it was in its detail that this type of mast kit demanded study.

The first item of design was the crosspin. With any section clamping system it is difficult to check visually whether the mast sections have been secured correctly. With the pin, it is either in or out. One handed locking of the pin makes securing effortless.

When not in use, the pins are held in a handy 'pin carrier' on the base tube of the mast. Locking the pin secures it as above. Should the pin not be locked, its carrier will still hold the pin whilst inverted, thanks to its built-in friction. The telescopic mast, which is non-turnable, is available with many accessories according to application.

Next the guying. A handy radius line sets the pickets at the correct radius from the telescopic mast whilst painted lines on the mast base tube aid in setting the pickets at 120°.

A built-in bubble level provides a reference for vertical in conditions where there is no background reference.

All guys which are coloured dark red or green for identification, are all provided with snap hooks and ball tensioners. In particular the snap hooks, which are 100% tested, are designed for single handed operation with cold hands and gloves. Pickets are spiral pattern and suitable for most soils. Being entirely manual, the extension of the mast is very simple and the use of a crosspin 100% efficient. Even the 24mm diameter antenna clamp tube at the top of the mast is designed to be unaffected by over-tightening.

Vehicle Mounting

Photo: Vehical mounted with a PU MastAs well as being designed for erection in the field as a guyed mast, Type PU masts are very suitable for mobile applications, vehicle or shelter mounted when speed of erection is essential.

The only limitation on a vehicle mounted mast is that the operator must be able to reach the top of the base tube easily to extend the sections. Mountings vary from simple brackets where the mast may operate up to 10° out of true vertical to brackets which allow compensation for ground slope.

Photo: Mast Saddle ClampMast Saddle Clamp - Cat. No. 2433
Quick release non-adjustable fixing for shelter or vehicle.

Photo: Lower Mounting BracketLower Mounting Bracket - Cat. No. 9425
To be used in combination with mast saddle clamp.

Photo: Shelter or Vehicle MountingShelter or Vehicle Mounting - Cat. No. 10481
Mounted on vehicle or shelter side, this mounting allows mast adjustment ±10° in both planes. Built-in bubble level.

Photo: Rear or Side Mounting Bracket SetRear or Side Mounting Bracket Set - Cat. No. 6115
Originally made for older pattern Land Rover vehicles, this may be slightly modified to fit other vehicles.

Type PU Standard Components

Photo: Type PU Standard Components

Item PU 8 PU 10 PU 12 Description Qty
Kit 6198 6331 6104 Mast kit complete 1
This Kit contains the following components:
1 6196 6332 6105 Mast Unit 1
2 6106 6106 6106 Base 1
3 16166 16166 16166 Picket 3
4 6409 6409 6409 Spike 2
5 B2621 B2621 B2621 Hammer 1
6 6336 6338 6108 Radius line 1
7 6729 6726 6109 Lower guy assy. 2
8 6730 6727 6402 Lower guy assy. with anchor 1
9 6731 6728 6110 Upper guy assy. 3
10 6251 6251 6251 Equipment box 1
11 6411 6411 6411 Canvas cover 1
12 6421 6421 6421 Set of tools 1
13 6233 6233 6233 Cross-pin, spare (not shown) 2

Optional Equipment

The versatility of any standard equipment may be greatly enhanced by the addition of simple telescopic mast accessories. These shown here make the PU telescopic mast suitable for Yagi antennas, small dish, low-band wire antennas of all kinds, in addition to omni-directional broadband antennas.

Photo: Halyard AdaptorHalyard Adaptor - Cat. No. 15036
This attachment slips into the mast top socket and provides lugs for one or two halyards for wire antennas.

Photo: Halyard Rope AssemblyHalyard Rope Assembly - Cat. No. 6761 (PU8)
Cat. No. 6787 (PU 10) Cat. No. 6720 (PU 12)
Comprises a terylene rope with pulley block which couples onto the halyard adaptor above, with automatic tensioner.

Photo: Feeder Cable StrapFeeder Cable Strap - Cat. No. 6765
A canvas strap to restrain the feeder cable by strapping to the mast.

Photo: Height ExtenderHeight Extender - Cat. No. 6974
This attachment adds 1 metre to the mast. It is fitted with a guy collar to which the top guys should be fitted. Middle guys should be fitted to the mast when extender is used.

Photo: Antenna RotatorAntenna Rotator - Cat. No. 6508
When a directional antenna is to be carried, this rotator is the method of turning the antenna after mast extension. It is operated from the ground by a cord. The bottom of the rotator has a 24mm dia. spigot. The top has a 24 mm dia. normal mast socket.

Photo: Base InsulatorBase Insulator - Cat. No. 6581
When the mast is field erected it must be insulated from the ground. This rubber insulating cup may be slipped into the standard base. If the mast is being used as a radiator, a continuity wire should be used.

Photo: 10mm Socket Antenna Adaptor10mm Socket Antenna Adaptor - Cat. No. 6113
This is an efficient adaptor for a number of Military VHF Antennas having stems between 9 and 10 mm dia. Clark Masts can provide Maintenance Schedules, Illustrated Spare Parts Lists and all documentation to keep military equipment ready for action at a moments notice.

Special Models

A 5 metre model Type PU 5 telescopic mast is supplied for vehicle mounting only. Also models PU 3 masts and PU4 masts have been supplied with part-metallic guys which act as 1/4 wave antenna counterpoise. Details on request.