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PT Series

PT Series masts are medium duty telescopic pneumatic masts for use as communications masts, cctv masts, antenna masts, radio antenna masts, microwave antenna masts, radar masts, camera masts and more. Many models are availble with an internal electrical or video cable. 

Made from aircraft grade seamless drawn 3.25mm wall aluminium tube with a 4.5" base tube diameter and a maximum of 7 sections, the PT Series are one of the most versatile masts in the range. Telescoping mast sections are anodised and a full length keyway is machined to prevent rotation. PT Series masts are available in rotatable and non rotatable versions. Plain collars and locking collars are available depending on the requirement. If the mast is to be left unattended for long periods then locking collars are recommended.

Various top fittings are available including 25mm & 40mm top sockets, round flange or square flange (with glanded cable entry points)


Accessories can be painted to match the mast.

Hand Pump - 41157

Hand pump for use with all Clark Masts, supplied with integral stand and 3m of air hose and bayonet connector.

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Internal Extension Warning Switch

A factory fitted internal switch to alert the operator that the mast is not fully retracted.

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Model 40 Powerpack

Model 40 Powerpacks are suitable for masts from ST to YT. Powered by vehicle electrics either 12 or 24v DC normally operated using a remote control lead 2.5m long. A built in pressure switch cuts out when the mast reaches its preset level and cuts in only when required to top up the pressure thereby saving battery power. Supplied with power connection plug.

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Model 40E Powerpack

Model 40E Powerpacks are similar to the Model 40 and are suitable for masts from ST to YT Series but are operated by a switch directly on the facia of the unit and cannot be used with a remote control lead. Powered by vehicle electrics they have a built in pressure switch which cuts out when the preset level is reached and cut in only when required to top up air pressure thereby saving battery power.

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Nycoil Assembly

A Nycoil cable assembly can be used in conjunction with a spreader bar fitted to the mast head to guide, protect and manage cables for video cameras, antenna or other equipment fitted to the mast. Cables which are unable to be internally fitted such as coaxial can be routed externally in a strong, flexible protective nylon nycoil tube. When retracted the nycoil assembly sits coiled on the vehicle roof extending when the mast is operated.

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Nycoil Basket

A basket assembly which fits around the mast to retain the Nycoil assembly when the mast is retracted, made to suit mast diameter.

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PT Lower Mounting Bracket - 14050

PT Series Lower Mounting Bracket

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PT Roof Bearing - 14048

The PT Roof Bearing provides a rotatable weatherproof bearing where the mast passes through the vehicle roof and is used to support internally mounted masts whether turnable or non turning.

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PT Series Saddle Clamp - 1303

Quick Release Saddle Clamp for temporary mast mounting

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PT Upper Mounting Bracket - 14049

PT Series Upper Mounting bracket for mounting the mast on a vertical surafce.

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Remote Control

Remote Control for use with Powerpacks

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Top Guy Kit 4 way

A typical 4 way guying kit for top guy only, consisting of 4 x steel ground pickets, 4 guy rope assemblies, hammer and storage bag.

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Top Mid and Lower Field Guy Kit 4 way

A tyoical 4 way guying kit for top, middle and lower height guys consisting of 12 steel ground pickets, 12 guy rope assmblies (4 top, 4 middle and 4 lower) hammer and storage bags.

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Technical Data

  • MIL STD 810F
  • Headloads up to 120kg
  • Vehicle,shelter, field mount or roof trolley options
  • Internal cable options available

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